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Nan Goldin meets Yukio Kobayashi: Naked New Yorkphotographed by Nan Goldin Matsuda Autumn/Winter 1996
“I was surrounded by drug abuse. It was something that was always there.The editor, the photographer, everybody was smoking or shooting drugs, so it was natural for me. I just thought that was the way things worked. Did I shoot heroin? No, I sniffed it….I looked so skinny, with black circles under my eyes. It makes me sick, so sick, that’s what they wanted….My habit became a full-time job….It cost money but I had money. If you give a 15-year-old thousands of dollars, she’s going to buy lots of shoes, clothes – whatever she is into at the time. Magazines will talk shit about you but they’ll still book you.”
- Jaime King

Take a hit

Love that butt anon
v jelly of that hand

A hearty nose